Biotin…the difference of OTC brands and the one shown to help those with MS.

Please  take note that OTC (over-the-counter) biotin’s not the same as high-dose, ultrapure, MD1003 formula. Reps. for the company, that developed the drug, did inform that most OTC  Biotin vitamin preps. has little bioactive biotin in them. Due to this is why I don’t recommend using over the counter formulas unless they have been tested and certified to have bioactive d biotin in them.

Doing some researching and scanning though the net,  the difference between the biotins is d biotin is ‘bioactive biotin’…., one of 8 stereoisomers of Biotin, and the only that has been documented to be biologically active that’s out there…(

So to me when wanting to take biotin, the question is of course, whether a OTC formulation contain d-biotin and of course other isomers too.

From further searching, I did find the following of OTC manufacturers and suppliers, claim that their biotin is for sure d-biotin:

Please keep this information in mind when considering biotin as a supplement. I can verify that I do take d-biotin and that I do have lesions on the spine and that after a month into taking it. I am able to walk further even though after about an hour fatigue really sets in. But my joint pain is no longer. I will take the fatigue over the pain any day! An hour doesn’t seem like much, but it is compared to the 15 minutes I only used to be able to walk before being wheelchair bound. Now I can walk and as long as I can find a bench I can re-coop for a short bit and then take off again for quite some time now.

I thought I would share this info due to the fact Ive seen to many people taking regular ole biotin not realizing the otc brand is not the same as the pharmaceutical brand. As always, Im not suggesting anyone to just jump on the band wagon here. Studies show the biotin is a b 12 vitamin and even in high amounts its not fatal, but still…ALWAYS seek advice from your MD first for they may either okay this, or run blood tests first to check for deficiency which they say is rare. Best of luck to anyone taking this route for treatment.

Ways of naturally treating ms and ms symptoms and pain.
Ways of naturally treating ms and ms symptoms and pain.

Avonex, bipolar disorder, suicide, and the connection.

I had been doing some research on Bipolar disorder and MS. It seems to be common among those with MS to have both. Studys show that usually those that have both diseases, usually the Bipolar preceeds the ms diagnosis. With that being said, I can attest to the studies concerning these disorders and those who are taking Avonex. Avonex is a prescription drug to treat ms and is done by injection. A heed of warning on this however. If you are suffering with Bipolar disorder I would think twice of taking Avonex. A rare but definate side affect of Avonex is suicide. I found this out after taking it for a month. Not only did the flu like symptoms come but so did severe depression, followed by the feeling of wanting to die. My neuro got me off of it needless to say. So I would suggest doing your own research if you do indeed have Bipolar disorder, and are considering Avonex.