My review for the best natural pain control..the Magic Massage Ultra (tens/massage/stem/trigger point/acupuncture/muscle toner)

Hi and happy hump day!

Today I would like to share a review with you of my favorite product! First Id like to share with you why exactly it is…back in the fall me, my hubby, and son, went to the Perry Fair in GA. This is Georgia state fair and it is not one to be missed. While checking out all the activities they had from a petting bird avery to the life stock and milking demonstrations, they also had expos going on inside the buildings. Well, you know I have ms and at the time it was a real struggle for me. I have neuopathy so bad I would swell up and my circulation made it hard to travel or to do much. So needless to say I look like a swelled up prune by the time we got to the booth that was demonstrating the unit review I am getting ready to share with you.

Their was a chiropractor set up doing adjustments, massages, and stem therapy. At the same time he was demonstrating the Magic Massage Ultra which is a tens unit, massager, acupuncture, and trigger point therapy. The chiropractor was actually using it on an elder gentlemen and you could see his shoulders raising up and dropping and he was commenting how strong this little unit was. It is the size of an ipod. Several were gathered round and taking turns. Well finally my turn came…he placed the pads on my legs and he cranked it all the way up. Thats what it took for the unit to make it through my swollen legs to the nerves. I do have a basic tens but it does no good for its not strong enough. After doing this for 20 min I could actually feel my legs again to an extent. I felt like I had just had a nerve conductivity test done but it wasnt painful or bloody.

Needless to say I was sold…after a few weeks of daily treatment my legs no longer swell and I can travel in ease and my circulation is great now. Whenever I start to get pain I just place the pads around the areas aching and the unit disrupts the pain signal and it slowly goes away and eventually stops. I also use this for stem therapy as well for it helps stabilize my moods and deals with my migraines and spactisity. The great thing about this unit, is unlike it costing $150 like it did at the expo, you can get it for $99 on their site….,deIz5-mzDoT8JIkxjh5myqZ700000000000

On the site it also has attachments that can be ordered like shoe, ear, and waist/back attachments so the need for the pads can be eliminated. These attachments spread out the electrical currents so it covers more space area. Which is great when you want to use this to tone up your muscles. Yes it does that too! On the days Im to fatigued to get out and exercise I work my muscles out with my unit. So this unit isn’t only great for those with ms and ms symptoms, but those with any type from arthritis to back pain sufferers.

Even though I paid a steeper price I wouldnt change a thing for if it wasn’t for this expo and demonstration I never would have known about the Magic Massage Ultra. He sold out every unit he had the day we was there and was waiting on his next order to be dropped to him. Did they make it on time to cover the rest of the week he was there in Perry at the state fair? Don’t know but they were in demand. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give the Magic Massage Ultra a 10 for all its different capability, size, price, and pain control. It doesn’t get much better then this.

Treating ms and ms symptoms naturally using the Magic Massage Ultra.
Treating ms and ms symptoms naturally using the Magic Massage Ultra.

Using natural castile soap…

Being a very busy wife and mother, I am a humongous fan of products that serve many different needs and those needs being done with only one product. So that makes castile liquid soap a must have in my home.

I originally used it for washing my hands, but in the long run I found several other ways to use it, which I am going to share with you below.

Castile soap originated in the Castile region of Spain, where olive oil is produced. Hence, originally castile soap was made purely with olive oil. Now though, you can find it made with many different blends of different oils including coconut oil, palm kernel oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil, etc. It is very concentrated so a little goes a long way.

If you have not yet tried castile liquid soap, you really must. This stuff comes in handy all the time, and since it can be used for several different things it cuts down on the amount of products you need, therefore it takes up less space and frees up space for many other things on the shelf.


  1. Its great for use in the kitchen. You can do your general clean up with it and plus your dishes.
  2. Laundry…need I say more? Yes it does great as a laundry detergent. I use it in all my clothes and it does a great job.
  3. BATH…yes, like in the kitchen, you can clean your enter bathroom with it. After your done with that, jump in the shower and clean yourself! Its non toxic and great on your skin.
  4.  TRAVEL…whenever we go camping I realized its easier just to pack a bottle of castile soap for we can do our camp dishes with it as much as using it as a body wash. I also tote it to the laundry area and do my clothes. It saves a lot of space and time. Leaving me room for more important essentials like my medications!
  5. HANDSOAP…I have a cute dispenser I bought a while back thats a mason jar. I simply put one part liquid castile ot three parts water. I buy scented castile soap and it comes in different scents. So go a ahead and pick you one.

If you’ve never tried castile soap and would like to, Ive got an offer for you! Thanks to “keeper of the home” and “epantry”

Natural ways of taking care of yourself with having ms.
Natural ways of taking care of yourself with having ms.

you can get you a free bottle of castile soap and heres how:

Here’s how ePantry and this offer works:

1)     This special, limited-time offer is only available now through Tuesday, August 18th, so sign up with this link.

2)     Next, answer a few easy questions about your home, cleaning schedule, and favorite products. ePantry uses your answers to get a feel for what you like & to suggest products for future shipments.

3)     Customize your basket! This is definitely the most fun part.

4)     You must be at a final total of $20 to check out. The minimum is for first-time orders only.

5)     Once you have filled your basket, click Finish & Pay!

And that’s it!

Bonus: If you like their service enough to recommend it, they’ll give you $10 for every friend or family member you refer (and they’ll receive $10 for signing up through you, so it’s a win-win!). Remember its all about keeping ourselves happy and healthy by going natural and organic as much as possible:)

They are killing us!

I am reading this very informative book called “Natural Cures They Dont Want You To Know About” …i went camping for the past four days so thats why I havent been on. This book is blowing the whistle on the FDA, FTC, our Food & Drug Administration (and why are these one and not two separate entity’s? Think about it and will scare the hell out of you) Im only on ch 4 and I am shocked and I believe they we are being kept on meds and there will never be a cure because if they give cures they lose customers. Our meds give side effects that cause us to get sicker and need more meds. They are killing us by keeping us sick to make money. Our foods and meds are wiping us out…Im not one of those people who think the whole world is a conspiracy either but this book is something else. Did you know the FDA has said that only a drug can treat, cure, or prevent disease. So if you find a plant that will heal something you will be fined and imprisoned for saying so! Once you say it heals, treats or prevents it becomes a drug under the FDA’s law and you dont have a license to being selling or promoting it. You also can not get a patent on a natural method. It has to be man made….Natural means can treat and cure but because they are inexpensive we would buy them instead of the FDA’s drugs that only treat the symptom unlike natural means that can treat, cure and prevent, and they arent going to lose money. Friends they are not gonna give us cures sadly. They can’t afford to…its all about the money so they will keep us sick and to make this money they are killing hundreds of thousands a yr. I am now seeking out natural means to treat everything…I am starting by using 5-HTP to treat my cognitive and mood issues (bipolar disorder) the MS has caused. Studies have shown this natural supplement works as good as Zoloft does. I’m also using pure biotin to treat my MS. I havent stopped my MS med but Im going to later down the road for right now I have overhauled my diet by changing the high carb foods for healthy exchanges, and I use only olive and coconut oils along with almond and coconut flours. They have healthy benefits and in August I have gonna have my panels pulled to see what effect this has had on my cholesterol etc. Of course I do take Invokana and its side effect is raising your bad cholesterol which it did so now Im on cholesterol meds to keep it down. See what I mean about how they keep us sick, need more meds to cover up another? I’m getting ready to shed the Invokana for I think my sugars will steady on their own from my healthy eating. I will keep everyone up to date on this as I progress and get my numbers back.

Dump cake the healthy way for my ms friends!

Okay, we are getting ready to go to Hiawassie in GA here for their county fair. I love dump cake made in the dutch oven when camping.

Dutch oven dump cake healthy organic recipe. Helping those with ms eat healthy.
Dutch oven dump cake healthy organic recipe. Helping those with ms eat healthy.

Only issue is, is that its very unhealthy for me for its full of carbs, calories and sugar! Well I have started to tweek the recipe so its healthy. Its actually gonna be a fp for THM.

I hope you enjoy this Vanilla Cake Master Mix. The vanilla cake is great for the dutch oven. For the fruit part your gonna take a berry of your choosing, add two c. of water bring to a boil and then slowly add some Glucomannan to thicken. I use about 2 TBS. You just have to do a little at a time until it reaches the thickness you desire.

Vanilla Cake Master Mix (THM-FP)

Mix all ingredients with a whisk in a container with lid. Cover with lid and store in refrigerator or freezer. (Note: This Master Mix should probably be stored in the refrigerator because of the whey protein powder, which has to be refrigerated.)

Note: Before using mix, make sure to give it a stir or two to make sure all the ingredients are mixed well and did not separate.

Yield: Makes enough master mix to make about 8 servings.

** If you find that the Vanilla Cake is not sweet enough, just add more sweetener to the Master Mix OR sprinkle in a little more stevia powder when mixing it up to bake!

Take this cake mix and pour it over top of the fruit filling I instructed you to make above. Add half a stick of whole organic butter in small pats, and 1 c of water. Do not stir just layer it. Cook over open fire for about 30 min.

So what do you make when you go camping?

THM cupcakes for my ms creativity for the week

First Id like to let you know this is one of my many posts today on my facebook group page:

I run this blog and also the facebook group mentioned above. I also run the website where a link to my blog is found at:

I usually don’t share or cross post my posts to each of my groups, blogs, or sites. But I thought I would today to give you a taste of whats going on that you may be missing! My fb group is where several meat up to discuss natural means of control disease, etc. We also discuss Trim Healthy Mama there. But to get recipes for THM you usually have to visit my website for that. I share all my pinterest posts there of different recipes. THM is my way of eating both healthy and clean, getting rid of high carb and non organic foods. If your interested in more please visit any of my sites above…ok now off to todays blog post:) Oh and by the way, yes these are my cupcakes and not just a photo prop.

Eating healthy to treat disease. Chronic diseases such as MS. You get a mix here of healthy eating and a way to show off my creativity which is good for the soul.
Eating healthy to treat disease. Chronic diseases such as MS. You get a mix here of healthy eating and a way to show off my creativity which is good for the soul.

Thm baking can be not only delicous, but so much fun!! I am having a blast over here while making cupcakes and watching my pounds melt away! I have been feeling so much better since eating natural, organic and healthy! I’m not dealing with inflammation like I once was since getting rid of the processed foods with all the additives. Sugar? We wont go there! I think it was one of my biggest issues for Im addicted to it and it causes inflammation as well. I’m loving the substitutes! Also you know how I preach on creativity to help with ms. Creativity calms the spirit and soul and gets your mind of something else other then our disease…so heres my healthy creativity…I love making cakes etc and now since I got my inflammation under control my hands are back to working doing small motor skills once again:) So this is very therapeutic to me and pretty much low carb, sugar free and healthy! I love THM as my clean healthy way to eat and live…


This is the basic recipe I use for cupcakes. I make a Triple batch for cupcakes, sometimes 4x.

I like to add different flavors for more than one flavor cupcake, like lemon (lemon cake)
Banana extract, pineapple extract, drop of mappe extract and walnuts (hummingbird cake)
Or shredded coconut, walnuts and caramel extract for italian cream cake
Bake at 350 15-20 min or until done…/

I tried 2 kinds, and the cream cheese frosting was easier to work with and more stable, but here is both recipes:

Cream cheese frosting: (soo easy)
Equal parts cream cheese and butter (I used 4 oz each)
Powdered xylitol to taste (I used 4-5 tbs)
1 tsp glucci
1 tsp vanilla
Creamm all together and mix well (2-3 minutes)

“Buttercream” frosting:
1.5 sticks softened butter
1 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup powdered xylitol
1 tsp glucci
1/2 c whipped cream (whipped firm)

Cream together butter, sweetener, vanilla and glucci with mixer about 2 minutes. Fold in whipped cream.

Thrive Market Online Store Free Two Month Membership

Ever want to change how your eating from the not so good to ever awaiting great? But you just don’t know where to start and what should you buy? Below I’m gonna give you some beginners that you can restock your shelves with in the kitchen…so where are you gonna get em at a good price? I use Thrive Market…you can check out Thrive by clicking my affiliate link here:

So what is Thrive Market? Thrive is an online store where you get all the natural and organic foods and staples known to man all in one place, at a discounted price. Some items are at least 50% off what you would pay in the stores, but prices vary on all items. If you use the following code when checking out: 2FREE

You will get two months free membership so you can get a feel as to whether or not the stores for you. I love it and all the variety it provides. They have all sorts of items that you can’t normally get in the store. For ex: Seventh Generation feminine pads. They are chlorine and toxic free. Yea we are gonna have a topic and discussion on that soon!

Certain foods really are packed with nutrition that can jump start your health. Here are some great picks for the five superfoods every newbie should get familiar with–plus five you’ve got to try if you’re already a superfood pro.

For Beginners:
Camu Berry

Reddish and about the size of a grape, the camu berry is the most concentrated source of vitamin C on the planet, which makes it incredible for rebuilding tissues, boosting immune systems, and increasing energy. The berries are also touted for their antidepressant qualities. This versatile camu berry and almond butter spread is a great way to try  it for yourself.

Bee Pollen

Nope, bee pollen isn’t going to kick your allergies into high gear. Bee pollen actually contains almost all of the essential B vitamins and all 21 essential amino acids, which makes it a complete protein source. A scoop added into smoothies, or even just a spoonful dipped in raw honey, will deliver an entire day’s worth of nutrients!


Hemp protein is an incredible, vegan-friendly way to get your daily intake of protein. Loaded with iron, amino acids, vitamin E, and omega-3’s, hemp products provide more healthy essential fatty acids than any other nut or seed.


Historically, maca has been used as an aphrodisiac—cue the romantic music—but this root commonly found in powder form does a lot more than help you out in the bedroom. Known for its energy boosting qualities, maca actually contains five times the protein and four times the fiber of a potato. Add it to nearly anything to get an extra energy boost!


The OG of superfoods, cacao knocks it out of the park when it comes to health benefits. Cacao is a source of antioxidants, magnesium, iron, and chromium, which improves cardiovascular health and supports building strong bones. And it doesn’t hurt that it tastes great, too!

For Pros:
Mangosteen Powder

There is some research suggesting that mangosteen extract may have an effect on cancer cells, but the results aren’t concrete enough to promote this as a ‘superfood’ quite yet. Mangosteen is still super high in vitamin C and fiber, but if you’re looking for a more readily available substitute, papaya is a great choice, nearly matching mangosteen in every nutrient category.

Goji and Golden Berries

We love these little guys for their high nutrient content and great taste. Golden berries, a close relation, are equally tasty but have a lower sugar content and are higher in protein compared to other small berries. Try them over yogurt or in your trail mix.


Sea vegetables are some of the most nutrient dense eats available, but the salty taste can be overwhelming to some. Check out spirulina instead. Loaded with enzymes, minerals, phytonutrients, and trace elements, its actually incredibly high in protein. You can add it to water if you don’t mind the taste, but if you can’t stomach the flavor try it in tablet form.


Wheatgrass had a moment in the late 90’s, and if you tried it then you can probably remember exactly why you never did another wheatgrass shot again. Not exactly palatable in liquid form, wheatgrass has some redeeming qualities like its high iron and vitamin A levels,  but it turns out you’re just as well off opting for broccoli or chlorophyll instead! Bonus points to chlorophyll for it’s smell fighting properties.

Pearl Powder and Sesame Seeds

Pearl powder has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to treat acne and promote beautiful skin. While there are plenty of benefits to using crushed pearls for your skin, including the increase in collagen and the high concentration of calcium, you can bet that this treatment can get kinda pricey. Want to see the same healthy skin benefits? Try eating more sesame seeds. These little guys are high in calcium and packed with amino acids, plus they contain the healthy fats that keep your skin glowing and youthful!

Easy money making for those with ms…

Okay, in the past if you have or are following me on my website at or on my facebook page at I had shared with you how I would give you info about jobs that we may be able to do since many of us who have been disabled by our ms are pretty limited on working, especially outside the home. Here is one I really like doing below:

Mystery Shopping – Make Extra Money BestmarkMystery shopping. Many of you have emailed me and asked me the question “what is mystery shopping” and have been wondering how I am making money through mystery shopping.

I usually make around $150 to $200 a month from mystery shopping.

Side note: If you are interested in the many other ways I make money keep an eye out here on this blog for I will release other ways in due time.

I mainly stick with Bestmark for my mystery or secret shopping. There are other companies out there that are good and reputable mystery shopper websites, but I know and can confirm from personal experience that Bestmark is a legitimate mystery shopper website, and that they do pay out like they state so you can trust me when I tell you this. I have considered signing up for other ones but with our resent home purchase and move I just haven’t had the time. With MS I have to do a little at a time or I will severely fatigue out and I try to avoid that.

What I take into account when choosing a mystery shopping gig for me:

It has to be 9 times out of 10 either an online shop or phone call shop.

It has to be close to somewhere I’ll be or live for me to make a drive, for its about making and not wasting money.

If a restaurant it has to be within my means and something my family will eat.

If its a freebie, it has to be something I’ll use like organic stuff or something I can resell and make money off of.

Of course, what I believe is worth while taking on for me might not be the same for you, for we are all like snow flakes and no two are identical. So Im guessing that your wondering…well what are the cons to this? Well the surveys that you will end up filling out are so repetitive that it will drive you nuts, and you’ll wanna pull your hair After doing so many I got so fatigued, but I have MS so thats expected. So I cut back on the amount I did and started doing other side gigs.

Sometimes surveys may only take just a few minutes, but sometimes others can literally take an hour like restaurants because you have to grade every single little detail in and of the place.
Some of the mystery shops I have completed are:

Restaurants…this ranges from your rather cheaper restaurants like Taco Bell where your reimbursed for around about $30 bucks worth of food, all then all the way up to your nicer more expensive  steakhouses like the Outback whereyou’ll get $100.
Bestmark has a ton of car dealership stores and shops available, from getting oil changes to buying tires, but I only personally have done the over the phone calls for scheduling services online secret shopping gigs.
I usually get in around 4-5 of these a week and they are by far  the easiest shops. You do not have to worry about the gas and time to drive anywhere and the surveys literally and usually only take a minute or so. Use to you’d get  paid around $5 for each them. But recently they did lowered their pay out on these to only $3, and there’s a slew more work to do. I had to cancel around 2 to 3 gigs because they weren’t very clear and honest enough about the amount of work and time that I signed up for and would have to put in…. and for only $3, I’m not really willing to do too much. I think they may end up changing the price range back for the overwhelming amount of complaints coming in.
You can also get and apply for their dealership secret shopper gigs,  where you go in and pretend you want to purchase or buy car. These usually pay around $20 bucks. This is something I’ve never done but have been considering for their pay out is so good, and they have plenty of these available for everyone to do. I’ve never done this in the past for I’m paranoid that some car salesman will hound me to death. I’m not ready for thousands of annoying phone calls and due to my MS I can’t run away and get out of the store that
Retail. I mainly do Estee Lauder. I’ve done so many of these. I’ve picked up the following freebies from the mall: lip gloss, concealer, face-wash, foundation, lotion, toner, and so on the list goes and they were all for FREEBIES! And these are not the tiny sample or trial sizes, I’ve probably received way over $200 bucks in stuff, plus gotten paid an additional amount of money, around $10 on top for each shop as well. Then on top of that, I make money by selling these on Ebay as a side hustle for I don’t wear anything unless it’s organic. As of yet Estee Lauder does not have a natural line of products.
I have also done a few  Best Buy shops. These as well are fairly easy too and don’t take much time out of your day. You just survey a specified dept. in the store and then you can just go and make your purchase…I always buy something small like a candy bar so that I have the required receipt to show that I was actually there and did the gig. Best Buy shops usually pay around about $13. Its not ton a ton but it adds up. Only sad thing is, is our Best Buy closed around here so there are no other close stores, so it ends up being something I pass for the long drive and cost of gas.

Easier jobs and ways to make money money for those with ms and ms symptoms who are disabled.
Easier jobs and ways to make money money for those with ms and ms symptoms who are disabled.

Bestmark Mystery Shopping – Make Extra Money.

The best paying gigs  I do are usually  restaurants. I’ve done a few of nice restaurants but where I had to eat over $100 worth of food, I make sure to bring friends or other family along. My family only consists of three so trying to order that much in food would be Crazy! I’ve also seen Hotel mystery jobs out there but they’ve either been on dates that I can’t accommodate or ones I can’t afford at the time so I’ve never been able to sign up.

Just remember that if you agree to do any of the available jobs that you stick to your word and show up. If you by some chance are unable to, call them up and let them know right away. Just don’t make this a habit or they will remember you for negative reasons and you’ll get skipped and left out. Again, these schedulers will remember you, and if you’re good to them, they will give you good shops, so remember that!

Being a mystery shopper will NOT make you rich or put lots of dough in your pocket. I want to make that clear for everyone. It is just an easy take of side income, where I can get things I want for free and plus pocket some extra money. What I make from it I add to my vacation fund or put away for my copays for doctor visits.  So it all adds up rather nicely every month.

I also love it when restaurants pop up for this that me and my family like to eat at…for then were getting paid for both eating and having fun.

The best tips I can give for starter is you may want to save up a little first for many you have to make a purchase and then you get reimbursed.
Do you secret shop such as through Bestmark? Any tips?