Natural ways of taking care of yourself with having ms.

Using natural castile soap…

Being a very busy wife and mother, I am a humongous fan of products that serve many different needs and those needs being done with only one product. So that makes castile liquid soap a must have in my home.

I originally used it for washing my hands, but in the long run I found several other ways to use it, which I am going to share with you below.

Castile soap originated in the Castile region of Spain, where olive oil is produced. Hence, originally castile soap was made purely with olive oil. Now though, you can find it made with many different blends of different oils including coconut oil, palm kernel oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil, etc. It is very concentrated so a little goes a long way.

If you have not yet tried castile liquid soap, you really must. This stuff comes in handy all the time, and since it can be used for several different things it cuts down on the amount of products you need, therefore it takes up less space and frees up space for many other things on the shelf.


  1. Its great for use in the kitchen. You can do your general clean up with it and plus your dishes.
  2. Laundry…need I say more? Yes it does great as a laundry detergent. I use it in all my clothes and it does a great job.
  3. BATH…yes, like in the kitchen, you can clean your enter bathroom with it. After your done with that, jump in the shower and clean yourself! Its non toxic and great on your skin.
  4.  TRAVEL…whenever we go camping I realized its easier just to pack a bottle of castile soap for we can do our camp dishes with it as much as using it as a body wash. I also tote it to the laundry area and do my clothes. It saves a lot of space and time. Leaving me room for more important essentials like my medications!
  5. HANDSOAP…I have a cute dispenser I bought a while back thats a mason jar. I simply put one part liquid castile ot three parts water. I buy scented castile soap and it comes in different scents. So go a ahead and pick you one.

If you’ve never tried castile soap and would like to, Ive got an offer for you! Thanks to “keeper of the home” and “epantry”

Natural ways of taking care of yourself with having ms.
Natural ways of taking care of yourself with having ms.

you can get you a free bottle of castile soap and heres how:

Here’s how ePantry and this offer works:

1)     This special, limited-time offer is only available now through Tuesday, August 18th, so sign up with this link.

2)     Next, answer a few easy questions about your home, cleaning schedule, and favorite products. ePantry uses your answers to get a feel for what you like & to suggest products for future shipments.

3)     Customize your basket! This is definitely the most fun part.

4)     You must be at a final total of $20 to check out. The minimum is for first-time orders only.

5)     Once you have filled your basket, click Finish & Pay!

And that’s it!

Bonus: If you like their service enough to recommend it, they’ll give you $10 for every friend or family member you refer (and they’ll receive $10 for signing up through you, so it’s a win-win!). Remember its all about keeping ourselves happy and healthy by going natural and organic as much as possible:)


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I have MS but it doesn't have me. Each day I fight MS and my ms symptoms but doing the organic and natural thing. Treating the body and soul, along with the mind is essential for overall health. So creative art is a biggie for me along with my spiritual belief in God.

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