Biotin…the difference of OTC brands and the one shown to help those with MS.

Please  take note that OTC (over-the-counter) biotin’s not the same as high-dose, ultrapure, MD1003 formula. Reps. for the company, that developed the drug, did inform that most OTC  Biotin vitamin preps. has little bioactive biotin in them. Due to this is why I don’t recommend using over the counter formulas unless they have been tested and certified to have bioactive d biotin in them.

Doing some researching and scanning though the net,  the difference between the biotins is d biotin is ‘bioactive biotin’…., one of 8 stereoisomers of Biotin, and the only that has been documented to be biologically active that’s out there…(

So to me when wanting to take biotin, the question is of course, whether a OTC formulation contain d-biotin and of course other isomers too.

From further searching, I did find the following of OTC manufacturers and suppliers, claim that their biotin is for sure d-biotin:

Please keep this information in mind when considering biotin as a supplement. I can verify that I do take d-biotin and that I do have lesions on the spine and that after a month into taking it. I am able to walk further even though after about an hour fatigue really sets in. But my joint pain is no longer. I will take the fatigue over the pain any day! An hour doesn’t seem like much, but it is compared to the 15 minutes I only used to be able to walk before being wheelchair bound. Now I can walk and as long as I can find a bench I can re-coop for a short bit and then take off again for quite some time now.

I thought I would share this info due to the fact Ive seen to many people taking regular ole biotin not realizing the otc brand is not the same as the pharmaceutical brand. As always, Im not suggesting anyone to just jump on the band wagon here. Studies show the biotin is a b 12 vitamin and even in high amounts its not fatal, but still…ALWAYS seek advice from your MD first for they may either okay this, or run blood tests first to check for deficiency which they say is rare. Best of luck to anyone taking this route for treatment.

Ways of naturally treating ms and ms symptoms and pain.
Ways of naturally treating ms and ms symptoms and pain.

Making your own sea salt spray….

Hi all! Sorry I was gone last week but I was on vacation at Virginia beach:) You know that I’m going to share pics While Im loading the pics to share with you and since were on the topic of the beach…why not talk about getting those gorgeous beach wavey locks! When I go to the beach my hair always locks and waves up, but once I get home its gone. So why the beautiful waves when Im setting along the ocean anyways? Well, its the sea salt my hair is sucking up out the air around it. While I know we can’t all be at the ocean I have a way to bring it back to each of us, with sea salt spray! Yep and its a DIY…

Now that my early summer Virginia beach vacation is drawing to a close, I’m beginning to feel a bit wistful for all my favorite little things of the ocean. Collecting seashells, walking on the beach under the moon light, watching my 12 yr old running into the waves as they crash in. One thing that is especially sad to me, though, is that I miss the beautiful beach wavey locks I get in my hair from the salt in the air.

We are lucky to be about 6 hours from the east coast, so we make it there every year for at least a few days to a whole week of sand and fun in the sun. The ocean is just good for the body and mind as well, wouldn’t you say? I always feel a lot better for breathing in the salt air and taking in some good ole natural Vit D. Nature is self healing all in its own.

I love the beach and going to the ocean for its peaceful healing quality’s , like I said, but also I have sheer simple more silly reason for enjoying my time at the beach side. I rarely share this with anyone, but not only does the ocean make me feel good physically, but also emotionally…for my hair is always so awesome while Im there! Its thick, wavy, and where I use aragon oil it shines like crazy. When my hair looks good, I look good I

I know, I know… I told you, that’s a completely silly reason to want to go there. But my hair is naturally wavy and fine and thinning, and it has the rude intention on being frizzy all the time. It’s never like that at the beach, though. It’s just wavy, smooth, shiny and full of volume. If it were my choice and also my hairs, we would just stay and live on the beach. Since I can’t choose the place I live soley based on good hair day coincidence, I had to find a way to get that beautiful beach look hair even when I am back at home in the cozy Georgia mountains.

Im sure everyone has probably seen or heard about sea-salt spray for hair. I’ve seen it in Walmart, etc for a while now, and I know people who use it all the time. For real, people say its the next best thing to being at the beach. I thought about buying it but I couldn’t find a natural or organic source of it, and I figured I could experiment at home with it, and I could make it on my own with natural and organic ingredients.

So I did and the results were awesome!
How to Make Sea Salt Spray For Hair
Sea-Salt Spray Ingredients

One cup warm tepid water
One TBS organic sea salt
One tsp natural/organic Epsom salt
One TBS organic coconut oil
One TBS organic aloe vera gel
Five drops essential oil, optional ( I like peppermint for it thickens my hair)

All the ingredients can be found at your local grocers.


You are going to have to start out with the warmest of water, preferably by heating it on the stove to about boiling. Next, add the sea salt and the Epsom salt and then stir until they are dissolved and mixed well. Once the salt’s dissolved, add 1 TBS of natural and organic coconut oil. Stir until the mixture is well dissolved. Next, add 1 TBS of organic and natural aloe vera gel. If you decide to use essential oil for scent, add 5 droplets at the end. Mix until well dissolved, and then pour into a spray bottle.

Why Use These Exact Ingredients?

Sea salt’s beneficial cause it adds the texture to your spray. If you’ve heard salt can be harmful to hair, that is partially true. The salt content in the ocean’s much more concentrated then in the spray and can and will for sure dry your strands out after excessive and lots of exposure. The homemade sea-salt spray here I’ve given you has 4 types of conditioners that condition naturally, so there is not not much danger of damage being done to or for your hair.

Epsom salt’s actually crystallized magnesium, and it’s commonly used for giving volume to and adding hair volume. It also has natural occuring conditioning properties.

Coconut oil’s very moisturizing and conditioning as well. It’s a common ing. for hair masks and also homemade conditioners, etc. Coconut oil helps to coat the hair so the sea-salt spray will stick to it well.

Organic and natural Aloe vera gel works even more wonders on your hair. It’s also another moisturizing ing., that has been known to promote hair growth, hold curl, and to stop dandruff build-up. It’s for sure great stuff to be added to any hair treatment.

Essential oil usage is totally up to you…I add it for peppermint has aided in growing my hair and thickening it. It also cleanses the scalp and helps aid in absorbing the oil on my scalp. I have an over abundance of oil!

Okay so now that you’ve got it made how do you apply it and how much?
Using Your Natural Organic Sea-Salt Spray

This will work best on slightly and not overly damp hair. Spray it evenly over your hair, scrunching often. Scrunching is what is gonna cause your waves… I would like you honestly to use less then you’d think you need the very first time you use this, than you can build it up as you get a little more familiar with to how it works. Because there are several conditioning properties in here, if you have naturally oily hair like I do, please use sparingly for it will oil your hair down. I also like to get in my car with the windows down and let the air blow and dry it…it gives it that extra volume lift you get from the wind while on the beach side.

Enjoy Your Beach locks!

Have you ever tried a sea-salt spray for your hair?

DIY sea spray for those suffering with ms and ms symptoms
DIY sea spray for those suffering with ms and ms symptoms

My review of Skechers memory foam sandles.

As getting ready for our vacation trip to Virginia Beach, I decided I would need to get a new pair of comfortable sandles. I’ve always bought Skechers tennis shoes such as their go walks, and their memory foams. But I have never purchased a pair of their sandles. Well I’m happy to announce that Skechers did not disappoint. These may be sandles but they have great support, the memory foam is so comfy, and they are very stylish. I have said it before and will say it again, that Skechers has made the perfect shoe for those with ms and ms symptoms.

I hope that none is suffering with seasonal allegy’s, but if you are I got some helpful ways to help you naturally combat them. All of us with ms and ms symptoms need to make sure to care for ourselves naturally, for we don’t want anything crossing the blood brain barrier that is anything but. So protect it by treating your ms symptoms naturally and organic.

SNEEZING:  If you’re plagued by an itchy nose and sneezing its, try adding vit B to your supplements. It helps moisturize sinus irritation and sinus inflammation. So even in high pollen counts it really helps.

CAN’T SLEEP:  Usually if you can’t breath, you can’t sleep either. The stress of it all not only leads to sleepless nights, but sends out levels of cortisol, which will intensify allergic reactions. So go take a nice shower. It will calm you and help to produce the sleep hormone melatonin. As an added bonus washing your hair will remove pollen trapped in it. Cutting down on whats causing the issues in the first place!

POSTNASAL DRIP:  Milk thistle tea…add some sweetener and a pinch of milk to flavor it up to your liking. Drink 24 oz of it every day and it will reduce your postnasal drip by 25%. This will also help with runny noses as well. Milk thistle promps the liver to flush out symptom triggering immune proteins before they cause all the issues.

STUFFY NOSE:  Taking 100 to 150 mg of butterbur daily improves nasal airflow to ease congestion. This reduces white blood cells production of leukotrienes, inflammatory compounds that kick start chronic sinus swelling.

SCRATCHY THROAT:  Add 2 TBS. of flax to your daily diet. It can cut your sour throat by 51%! Its rich in omega 3 fatty acid that reduces immune cells production of histamine.

IRRITATED EYES: Use a natural organic lash wash. This type of wash will remove the pollen and all the other stuff thats irritating your eyes, which will cut down on the itching and watering so bad. It will actually cut it by 90%. Not bad….


Go to my home page where you see my link (by the way its that big square on the left hand upper portion of the page:) Click on it and it’s gonna take you straight to Once there you can do a search for each of the items mentioned here. To help you out, Im gonna give you some suggestions, but you choose what makes you happy!


Eminence Cleanser 5.07 Oz Herbal Eye Make Up Remover 545 For Women

by Eminence Organic Skin Care


Metabolic Maintenance Pantothenic Acid — 500 mg – 250 Capsules

by Metabolic Maintenance

Celebration Herbals Organic Milk Thistle Seed Tea Caffeine Free — 24 Tea Bags

by Celebration Herbals

Butterbur 400mg Organic & Wildcrafted Herbs of Light 90 Caps

by Herbs of Light

Now Foods Certified Organic Golden Flax Seeds, 16 ozs Bag, (Pack of 2)

by Now Foods

Peppermint Nourishing Dead Sea Mineral Bulk Milk Bath – 20 Lb

by Midwest Sea Salt Company

DIY natural/organic soap!

Join me today in my facebook group:

to learn how to make your own natural and organic soap! Everything you’ll need along with directions is listed. Need to buy the ingredients? Go to my website: and locate my amazon search box on my home page. Insert “Bulk Apothecary” into the search bar and hit the search tab. Bulk Apothecary has the best prices on things such as organic essential oils, apothecary jars, lye, etc.

Maybe you don’t have the time or the want to make your own soap? You can also go to and they have over 2000 organic products including my favorite organic pineapple soap! Yea I love pineapple lol…

Please join me tom. in the group to learn how to make your own natural and organic body and face lotions:) With ms its important to treat your ms and your ms symptoms naturally. The blood brain barrier can be crossed so lets be careful with it.

Using natural and organic ways to treat ms and ms symptoms.
Using natural and organic ways to treat ms and ms symptoms.

Avonex, bipolar disorder, suicide, and the connection.

I had been doing some research on Bipolar disorder and MS. It seems to be common among those with MS to have both. Studys show that usually those that have both diseases, usually the Bipolar preceeds the ms diagnosis. With that being said, I can attest to the studies concerning these disorders and those who are taking Avonex. Avonex is a prescription drug to treat ms and is done by injection. A heed of warning on this however. If you are suffering with Bipolar disorder I would think twice of taking Avonex. A rare but definate side affect of Avonex is suicide. I found this out after taking it for a month. Not only did the flu like symptoms come but so did severe depression, followed by the feeling of wanting to die. My neuro got me off of it needless to say. So I would suggest doing your own research if you do indeed have Bipolar disorder, and are considering Avonex.