The commercial laundry soap you use, is toxic, and could be hurting you.

So, have you ever wondered what exactly is in the laundry soap you use?

We all take great lengths to make sure that our clothing is clean and fresh, but, shockingly, the very laundry soaps that we use to make our clothes “clean” may actually be leaving them in a more worse condition before they even hit the washer. That’s because most commercial laundry cleaners, both the common and name brands you find at your local super stores, are loaded with  toxic chemicals that potentially could harm both you, your family and the environment.

Popular and generic laundry soaps can and will leave dangerous chemical residues on your clothes and skin.

Residues of these toxins are left on your clothing and absorbed possibly by your body through the pores and skin, and evaporated into the environment where they could be breathed and taken in.

A Common Laundry Soap

If we take a glance at a container of laundry soap, we’ll discover that the named ingredients are rather unfamiliar. One popular brand listed, for instance:

  • Cleaning agents (anionic and nonionic surfactants)
  • Buffering agent
  • Stabilizer
  • Whitening agent
  • Scent

From the list, it is difficult to tell what, exactly, is even in that soap, so I broke down some of the common laundry/soap ingredients out here.

Linear alkyl sodium sulfonates (LAS): Those synthetic surfactants are commonly listed as ‘anionic surfactants’ on containers, and are one of the most common surfactants used. During the process of making these detergents/soaps, carcinogenic and reproductive poisons such as benzene are set loose into the air and environment. These also breakdown slowly, making em a danger in the air and or environment.

Petroleum distillates ( napthas): These chemicals and toxins has been connected to cancer of the lung, lung damage, inflammation, and damage to mucous membranes.

Phenols: Released from the  National Institutes of Health, phenol is dangerous and those who are sensitive to it can experience death or debilitating side effects at the lowest  exposures. Not only that but, it’s quickly absorbed and can spread this poisonous, toxin throughout the whole person. More times then not, death and greatly absorbed toxicity result from the phenol’s effects on the central nervous system, heart, blood vessels, lungs and kidneys. So these are definitely a no no for us with MS.

Another  common surfactant in United States laundry soaps and detergents  is Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate. The chemical has been outlawed in Europe, and has been discovered to not quickly, but to slowly biodegrade into even more hazardous and toxic agents and compounds. Study has suggested that the surfactant accelerates and promotes the growth of cancer cells in the breast and more feminine traits in male fish.

Are chemicals in commercial laundry detergents leaving your clothes dangerously clean?

Optical brighteners and Whiteners: These synthetic agents convert UV light waves into bright light, which makes washed and laundered clothing to appear whiter and brighter, although doesn’t actually affect the cleanliness of the clothing. They have been linked to be toxic to fish and to cause bacterial mutation. Also, these can cause severe allerys  when they are exposed to the skin that is then later exposed to the sun.

Phosphates: These chemical agents are often used to take out hard-water minerals to make soaps and detergent the most effective, and to also prevent grudge and grime from setting back into your clothing  during a wash cycle . The main and most problem with these are that, when released into the air around us, they promote the growth of certain marine and water plants, which also adds to the problem of unbalanced ecosystems. Most U.S. states have made it illegal  or banned and or restricted the use of phosphates for this main purpose, so you may notice laundry soaps stating themselve as “low-phosphate” or “phosphate-free” as a result of this.

Sodium hypochlorite (bleach): Is an agent toxic precursor to chlorine bleach, which is highly and deathly poisonous and is involved in most at home poisoning cases than any other agent.  What it does is it reacts with other organic materials in our environment. Carcinogenic and toxic compounds are then created and can cause reproductive, endocrine and immune system disorders. Are these starting to sound like MS starters yet to you?

EDTA (ethylene-diamino-tetra-acetate): EDTA are a class of compounds that are used as an alternate to those toxic phosphates to minimize the mineral hardness in the water, so as to enable the bleaching chemicals from becoming active before they are put in the water and to help decrease foaming. EDTA does not easily biodegradable and it can re-dissolve poisonous heavy metals in the air, allowing them to re-fall again right back into our food chain.

Using a quarter cup of all natural Borax to a table soon of 99% natural JR Watkins Lavender castile soap with clean your clothes with no hard or toxic build up

(See left side lower picture for view)

Most other DIY recipes fall short when trying to make the cut for scent. This Lavender scent is from essential oil and not fragrance!

Artificial and fake fragrances: Most of these are made from petroleum (see petroleum distillates above), and do not breakdown in the environment. They have been linked to several different accounts of toxic effects on marine animals, fish and mammals, and they often cause allergies irritating both the eyes and skin. A word of warning…petroleum has been labeled and natural but the government, but it clearly is not. So when making a wise choice on what to use for you, your ms, and your family, do your homework first. Coming to my blog is your first tool of help:) As always, natural clean healthy ms mama helping you to take control of your ms and its symptoms naturally.


My review for the best natural pain control..the Magic Massage Ultra (tens/massage/stem/trigger point/acupuncture/muscle toner)

Hi and happy hump day!

Today I would like to share a review with you of my favorite product! First Id like to share with you why exactly it is…back in the fall me, my hubby, and son, went to the Perry Fair in GA. This is Georgia state fair and it is not one to be missed. While checking out all the activities they had from a petting bird avery to the life stock and milking demonstrations, they also had expos going on inside the buildings. Well, you know I have ms and at the time it was a real struggle for me. I have neuopathy so bad I would swell up and my circulation made it hard to travel or to do much. So needless to say I look like a swelled up prune by the time we got to the booth that was demonstrating the unit review I am getting ready to share with you.

Their was a chiropractor set up doing adjustments, massages, and stem therapy. At the same time he was demonstrating the Magic Massage Ultra which is a tens unit, massager, acupuncture, and trigger point therapy. The chiropractor was actually using it on an elder gentlemen and you could see his shoulders raising up and dropping and he was commenting how strong this little unit was. It is the size of an ipod. Several were gathered round and taking turns. Well finally my turn came…he placed the pads on my legs and he cranked it all the way up. Thats what it took for the unit to make it through my swollen legs to the nerves. I do have a basic tens but it does no good for its not strong enough. After doing this for 20 min I could actually feel my legs again to an extent. I felt like I had just had a nerve conductivity test done but it wasnt painful or bloody.

Needless to say I was sold…after a few weeks of daily treatment my legs no longer swell and I can travel in ease and my circulation is great now. Whenever I start to get pain I just place the pads around the areas aching and the unit disrupts the pain signal and it slowly goes away and eventually stops. I also use this for stem therapy as well for it helps stabilize my moods and deals with my migraines and spactisity. The great thing about this unit, is unlike it costing $150 like it did at the expo, you can get it for $99 on their site….,deIz5-mzDoT8JIkxjh5myqZ700000000000

On the site it also has attachments that can be ordered like shoe, ear, and waist/back attachments so the need for the pads can be eliminated. These attachments spread out the electrical currents so it covers more space area. Which is great when you want to use this to tone up your muscles. Yes it does that too! On the days Im to fatigued to get out and exercise I work my muscles out with my unit. So this unit isn’t only great for those with ms and ms symptoms, but those with any type from arthritis to back pain sufferers.

Even though I paid a steeper price I wouldnt change a thing for if it wasn’t for this expo and demonstration I never would have known about the Magic Massage Ultra. He sold out every unit he had the day we was there and was waiting on his next order to be dropped to him. Did they make it on time to cover the rest of the week he was there in Perry at the state fair? Don’t know but they were in demand. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give the Magic Massage Ultra a 10 for all its different capability, size, price, and pain control. It doesn’t get much better then this.

Treating ms and ms symptoms naturally using the Magic Massage Ultra.
Treating ms and ms symptoms naturally using the Magic Massage Ultra.

DIY natural/organic soap!

Join me today in my facebook group:

to learn how to make your own natural and organic soap! Everything you’ll need along with directions is listed. Need to buy the ingredients? Go to my website: and locate my amazon search box on my home page. Insert “Bulk Apothecary” into the search bar and hit the search tab. Bulk Apothecary has the best prices on things such as organic essential oils, apothecary jars, lye, etc.

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Please join me tom. in the group to learn how to make your own natural and organic body and face lotions:) With ms its important to treat your ms and your ms symptoms naturally. The blood brain barrier can be crossed so lets be careful with it.

Using natural and organic ways to treat ms and ms symptoms.
Using natural and organic ways to treat ms and ms symptoms.

Food coop memberships…

There are ways to get your organic foods cheaper…by joining a coop! The one that I use is Bountifulbaskets. I go to the site and choose an organic basket for they have several different baskets to choose from. I then pay for it and print out my receipt and show on the day specified which is right up the street from me. Go to their website to see if they have one in your state and area. Nothing like treating your ms symptoms by eating healthy and organic!

Getting organic produce cheaper and how….

Sources said in a 2011 study, that the food prices of fourteen organics were, on the national level, 39% less at your local farmers market, than at your local super center. Although the farmer is not certified as being organic due to the high cost of doing so. He still may use non toxic practices, so it never hurts to get such information from him. You can also purchase a CSA share, which allows you to split the price and crops of a farmer’s yield. Every 7 days one will receive a container of produce. The share amount and price may differ, but in general, you can yield a size that definately will put food on the table for a two to three person family for under $20! The number of markets have grown over by 364% in the last 20 yrs. So it should be easy to locate a farmers market near you. Visit LOCALHARVEST.ORG for the ones  nearest to you. Eating organic and getting lots of your super green foods is one of the best ways to treat your ms and your ms symptoms.

Avonex, bipolar disorder, suicide, and the connection.

I had been doing some research on Bipolar disorder and MS. It seems to be common among those with MS to have both. Studys show that usually those that have both diseases, usually the Bipolar preceeds the ms diagnosis. With that being said, I can attest to the studies concerning these disorders and those who are taking Avonex. Avonex is a prescription drug to treat ms and is done by injection. A heed of warning on this however. If you are suffering with Bipolar disorder I would think twice of taking Avonex. A rare but definate side affect of Avonex is suicide. I found this out after taking it for a month. Not only did the flu like symptoms come but so did severe depression, followed by the feeling of wanting to die. My neuro got me off of it needless to say. So I would suggest doing your own research if you do indeed have Bipolar disorder, and are considering Avonex.