Beware of what exact olive oil you and your family is using…MUST READ!!!

I just wanted to give a shout out to everyone to tell all about an unhealthy “health food” – one that could be in that pretty pour bottle you got setting next to your kitchen sink.

This “health food” is what we know as extra virgin olive oil. The thing is, you really have no clue to what is in that bottle! I think you will be as in much shock as me, when you read the following disturbing news and think…

How could anyone sell us food like this and wake up each morning with a clear conscience!

Please know that I am not referring to all olive oil. Only the opposite. Health, organic, healthy,  authentic, and pure extra virgin olive oil is for sure one of mother nature’s most scrumptious and healthy foods. As I’ve mentioned here on my blog and also on my website consuming high-quality, healthy organic/natural fats like pure olive oil is for sure one of the most effective tasty means to maintain a healthy life style.

Several studies have shown that pure, authentic extra virgin olive oil also helps you ease inflammation …if you are like me and suffer with an inflammatory disease like MS, then this fact is very important to you along with the fact that it protects you against stroke, heart-disease and even some cancers …for those of us suffering with spactisity it is also helpful for achy joints which can help those with MS walk even a little further and it lowers blood pressure and bad (LDL) cholesterol. Those of you who are familiar with me and my life style knows that Im definitely on the Olive Oil bandwagon.

However, you only obtain those benefits mentioned if you and yours are consuming pure, authentic, and organic extra virgin olive oil.

And this is where the fraud issue comes in to play…

As many of you may have seen in the news, many of and if not most of the extra virgin olive oils etc in your local grocery stores not what they claim to be…in partial they are not just fraudulent,  but also adulterated, stale, mislabeled or even spoiled and rancid.

For ex:  independent tests at the University of California, Davis, had several studies that showed 69% of all store bought  extra virgin olive oils etc they tested were not what they appeared to be, including those famous brands whose names who many of you would recognize.

The New York Times currently released an explosive magazine article they titled “Extra Virgin Suicide.” It reported that many of the olive oil sold in our local grocer’s is diluted with inexpensive and cheap soybean and other very not so healthy oils. This to me is very disturbing cause many soy oil comes from genetically modified soybeans. Soy is something that I stay away from because studies show that it can cause cancers etc. You know soon I will be posting about that silent devil in due time.

NBC News released in its reports that “fake olive oil is rampant.”

CBS News added its own findings: “Buyers who think that they are purchasing one of the healthiest foods on the earth and world wide, often end up with something totally and very different.”

“America’s grocery stores are abound in cheap, fake and unhealthy ‘extra virgin olive oils,’” released The Wall Street Journal.

A top specially featured story on ABC’s Good Morning America was headlined, “Olive Oil Fraud Rampant.”

Forbes has even given out its opinion: “Here’s the hard truth: the olive oil in our pantries, the one we each bought for its health benefits and for getting into the seductive and popular Mediterranean lifestyle, is most likely a scam.”

So why exactly is this happening? 

With so many current studies applauding the healththy benefits of authentic olive oil , sales of extra virgin olive oil have soared worldwide. Huge money is involved, which has triggered the widespread counterfeiting, diluted oils that are coming foreign producers. US markets have became the dumping grounds for all these fraudulent oils. Yes yet it’s nearly impossible to get a handle on these shady foreign operators who are for sure supplying  these fake oils because they are beyond both ours and the reach of our U.S. regulators.

An M.D.’s “Consumer Guide” to America’s best olive oils

If you will click on the link below that Im going to give you, you will discover an M.D.’s “consumer guide” for the world’s purest, freshest, and most nutritious olive oils. It is presented by a well known and very respected doctor: Joe W. Frazer III, M.D. He gives us two very important and vital tips on how to purchase safe and pure olive oil regardless  where you shop and purchase it. He will as will share an inside secret on how to look for the correct words to watch for on the bottle that will let you know how fresh the oil is (note: it is NOT the “expiration” nor is it the “best used by” date!). Freshness is crucial, for olive oil, because unlike wine,  it does and will deteriorate with age, and you don’t want to be preparing and feeding your family with spoiled and rancid olive oils. You will also be taught how to properly store and how to use your oil so that it does not spoil or go rancid.

You must insist on independent certification of purity

Doctor Frazer advises looking for those extra virgin olive oils that are clearly marked and labeled independently certified to be 100% pure extra virgin olive oil. He discusses which oils that meet this “gold standard” and also he reveals where to purchase and buy them.

Good news for my readers!

I emailed and the company if my readers could be included in this free-sample giveaway program. They checked out my website and my here blog and said yes.

As part of their free marketing campaign, we can each receive a free full-size bottle ($39 retail price) of guaranteed extra virgin olive oil, directly from this family farm. It’s been independently certified by lab analysis to be 100% pure so therefore your not gonna be getting any fillers here. It’s also from their last harvest and Im sure its bursting with so much flavor…plus its free and you can’t beat that!

The full-size sample bottle is yours free to keep, “no-strings” attached introduction to the club. It is a really good deal because you are never obligated or asked to buy a single thing…no not anything, now or ever. Even the shipping and handling costs are covered for this to your front step for this free giveaway campaign.

But…you know theres always a but, because of custom regulations, this big free sample bottle is only up for the taking to those who live in the US. If thats you, you’re in luck.

The Free $39 bottle giveaway ends Friday, June 12

If you are for sure wanting  one of these free bottles, I highly suggest that you request it now, and heres why:

First, the company has a strictly limited number – 240 free bottles (20 cases) — to give away. These 240 free bottles will go fast Im sure for it’s first-come, first-served. Also, this offer expires Friday, June 12, which is less then a week away.

Finally, whether you plan to grab one of these free-sample bottles or not, I still highly ask and encourage you to check out Dr. Frazer’s consumer guide. If I’ve said it once, Ive said it a hundred times. Its important to watch what we put on and in our bodies…lets not poison ourselves. Our and heres the link to go grab your bottle:)


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I have MS but it doesn't have me. Each day I fight MS and my ms symptoms but doing the organic and natural thing. Treating the body and soul, along with the mind is essential for overall health. So creative art is a biggie for me along with my spiritual belief in God.

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