Treating seasonal allegies naturally for those suffering with ms and ms symptoms.

I hope that none is suffering with seasonal allegy’s, but if you are I got some helpful ways to help you naturally combat them. All of us with ms and ms symptoms need to make sure to care for ourselves naturally, for we don’t want anything crossing the blood brain barrier that is anything but. So protect it by treating your ms symptoms naturally and organic.

SNEEZING:  If you’re plagued by an itchy nose and sneezing its, try adding vit B to your supplements. It helps moisturize sinus irritation and sinus inflammation. So even in high pollen counts it really helps.

CAN’T SLEEP:  Usually if you can’t breath, you can’t sleep either. The stress of it all not only leads to sleepless nights, but sends out levels of cortisol, which will intensify allergic reactions. So go take a nice shower. It will calm you and help to produce the sleep hormone melatonin. As an added bonus washing your hair will remove pollen trapped in it. Cutting down on whats causing the issues in the first place!

POSTNASAL DRIP:  Milk thistle tea…add some sweetener and a pinch of milk to flavor it up to your liking. Drink 24 oz of it every day and it will reduce your postnasal drip by 25%. This will also help with runny noses as well. Milk thistle promps the liver to flush out symptom triggering immune proteins before they cause all the issues.

STUFFY NOSE:  Taking 100 to 150 mg of butterbur daily improves nasal airflow to ease congestion. This reduces white blood cells production of leukotrienes, inflammatory compounds that kick start chronic sinus swelling.

SCRATCHY THROAT:  Add 2 TBS. of flax to your daily diet. It can cut your sour throat by 51%! Its rich in omega 3 fatty acid that reduces immune cells production of histamine.

IRRITATED EYES: Use a natural organic lash wash. This type of wash will remove the pollen and all the other stuff thats irritating your eyes, which will cut down on the itching and watering so bad. It will actually cut it by 90%. Not bad….


Go to my home page where you see my link (by the way its that big square on the left hand upper portion of the page:) Click on it and it’s gonna take you straight to Once there you can do a search for each of the items mentioned here. To help you out, Im gonna give you some suggestions, but you choose what makes you happy!


Eminence Cleanser 5.07 Oz Herbal Eye Make Up Remover 545 For Women

by Eminence Organic Skin Care


Metabolic Maintenance Pantothenic Acid — 500 mg – 250 Capsules

by Metabolic Maintenance

Celebration Herbals Organic Milk Thistle Seed Tea Caffeine Free — 24 Tea Bags

by Celebration Herbals

Butterbur 400mg Organic & Wildcrafted Herbs of Light 90 Caps

by Herbs of Light

Now Foods Certified Organic Golden Flax Seeds, 16 ozs Bag, (Pack of 2)

by Now Foods

Peppermint Nourishing Dead Sea Mineral Bulk Milk Bath – 20 Lb

by Midwest Sea Salt Company

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I have MS but it doesn't have me. Each day I fight MS and my ms symptoms but doing the organic and natural thing. Treating the body and soul, along with the mind is essential for overall health. So creative art is a biggie for me along with my spiritual belief in God.

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