Oriental scalp acupuncture to help treat ms symptoms.

Oriental scalp acupuncture to treat ms symptoms.

Oriental scalp acupuncture is an innovative acupuncture technique with just 40 years of past history. It integrates traditional Chinese needling strategies with Traditional western medical understanding of the cerebral cortex and continues to be proven to be a very useful approach for combating multiple sclerosis (MS) and other central nervous system diseases. A 65-year-old male patient who had had MS for more than 20 years was cared for with Oriental scalp acupuncture-science. The motor area, sensory area, foot motor and sensory area, balance area, hearing and also dizziness area, and tremor area were triggered once per week for 10 weeks, then once a month for 6 procedures. After the 16 procedures, the patient exhibited exceptional improvements. He was able to stand up and then walk without any problems. The numbness with prickling in his arms and legs did not bother this man any longer. He had more energy and had not suffered incontinence of urine or dizziness after the first treatment. He was able to return to work full time. As of this posting, the sufferer has been in remission for 26 months. This scenario demonstrates that Chinese scalp acupuncture may be a very effective treatment for patients with MS. Chinese scalp acupuncture holds the capability to increase treatment options for MS in both conventional and complementary or integrative therapies. It could not only alleviate symptoms, enhance the patient’s quality of life, and slow and reverse the progression of physical disability but also decrease the number of relapses and also assist sufferers with multiple sclerosis to remain in remission.
So have you ever tried this or would you? Seems promising maybe?

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I have MS but it doesn't have me. Each day I fight MS and my ms symptoms but doing the organic and natural thing. Treating the body and soul, along with the mind is essential for overall health. So creative art is a biggie for me along with my spiritual belief in God.

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